Individual Investors

Our investment philosophy is straightforward. We believe our clients are best served when the focus of their investment portfolio is on asset allocation, broad diversification and expense control. Our process works to maximize the return/risk tradeoff of investing. We accomplish this goal by implementing efficient investment solutions that often make use of index-centric investment vehicles. These investments offer investors broad diversification with exposure to nearly all segments of the capital markets, but with limited turnover and minimal expenses. For each client, we establish an optimal asset allocation, select the most efficient investment offering by asset class, and allow the portfolio to capture the returns of the capital markets. This approach ensures that the portfolio constantly maintains exposure to selected asset classes and does so in a very tax-efficient manner.

Long Term

Our sole focus is to help our clients achieve their long-term financial objectives.

Institutional Investors

Alesco specializes in providing asset-class-based consulting and discretionary investment management services. We are particularly strong in investment policy development, risk control, client education, investing as a fiduciary, and understanding the complexities and biases of the investment industry.

As an independent, fee-based company, Alesco is structured to provide a conflict-free investment approach. Our mission statement, corporate values and code of ethics all mandate that the decisions we make and the advice we provide are for the sole benefit of our clients. We do not offer proprietary investment products, we do not participate in soft-dollar trading relationships, and we do not receive compensation from any of the managers with whom we work. Accordingly, we are in a position to provide our clients with unbiased advice that is truly in their organization’s best long-term interest.

Trusted Advisors

Alesco provides comprehensive investment solutions without conflict.

Financial Professionals

We believe the best way to ensure long-term relationships is by providing consistent service and investment solutions. Within the advisor network, we consider each relationship a partnership.

At select firms, Alesco Advisors offers our broadly diversified GLOBAL BALANCED PORTFOLIO to financial professionals and their clients.

The GLOBAL BALANCED PORTFOLIO’S objective is to produce long-term capital appreciation through intelligent beta strategies, as well as carefully selected, risk-controlled, tactical allocation trades. To gain the return/risk benefits of broad diversification, the portfolio will hold 15-25 index-based ETFs. The portfolio includes exposure to the traditional domestic and international investment asset classes. Investment decisions are made using both proprietary and third-party asset-class modeling software, as well as our own relative-value analysis. We analyze data on more than 30 different asset classes and choose from a product universe of more than 1,750 ETFs issued by multiple companies.

For more information on Alesco Advisors LLC and our GLOBAL BALANCED PORTFOLIO, contact Fritz Minges at or call 800.277.3440.

Investment Partners

Alesco partners with advisors to provide their clients with exceptional investment options.