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Service. Integrity. Value.

Alesco Advisors is your trusted partner for wealth management and investment management, asset allocation, OCIO services, and retirement plan consulting. We're committed to serving the investment and financial needs of our clients. In our role as investment advisor, we provide our clients with independent advice. Our firm structure and investment approach minimize the potential for conflicts of interest. The needs of our clients will always be our first priority.

Basketball Is Back!

Alesco Advisors is excited to partner with St. Bonaventure Athletics again for the Roc City Hoops Classic. SBU will take on UMass on Wednesday, January 15, 2019 at the Blue Cross Arena in Rochester.

Alesco Advisors in Buffalo

Holly Mergenhagen leads Alesco's Buffalo office.

Optimized Portfolios by Design

Alesco’s investment philosophy focuses on asset allocation, the primary driver of investment returns. Everything we do is guided by rigorously tested academic and empirical studies, rather than the common myths of investing. Accordingly, we focus on establishing appropriate target asset class weightings, obtaining optimal diversification, reducing risks and costs, minimizing portfolio turnover and rebalancing.

Complex investment solutions made simple.

Our investment philosophy is straightforward. We believe our clients are best served when the focus of their investment portfolio is on asset allocation, broad diversification and expense control. Our process works to maximize the return/risk tradeoff of investing.

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Alesco specializes in providing asset-class-based consulting and discretionary investment management services. We are particularly strong in investment policy development, risk control, client education, investing as a fiduciary, and understanding the complexities and biases of the investment industry.

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Alesco provides 3(21) and 3(38) fiduciary services to retirement plans. In addition to helping Plan Sponsors fulfill their fiduciary obligations, our services provide participants with the tools they need to successfully invest for retirement.

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Our Team

Independent and employee-owned, at Alesco we’ve served the needs of institutions and high-net-worth individuals since 2000.