Investment Approach

Investment Approach

Alesco’s expertise is in strategic asset allocation, as well as portfolio construction, through the use of index-centric investments. Asset classes are selected based on their ability to obtain optimal diversification within the portfolio. Once it is determined that an asset class can provide additional diversification benefits to the current asset allocation, a search is conducted to identify the “best in class” index and product to represent that asset class.

As a result, our strategy involves using “asset class” investments as the integral components of our clients’ portfolios. These securities often include index-based investments, as well as other passive investments that replicate the return and risk profile of specific segments of the capital markets. Because of their lower costs relative to other investment vehicles, these funds have historically outperformed the majority of actively managed investment funds.

Alesco is, in effect, a manager of managers. However, instead of selecting active money managers, Alesco often selects index-centric funds where each investment mirrors the returns of a particular asset-class benchmark.

Basing our work on academic research and empirical studies, Alesco develops objectives-based, long-term asset-allocation plans that capture the returns of the capital markets and reduce risk through diversification. We refer to this approach as “Intelligent Investing.”

Intelligent Investing

Everything we do is guided by rigorously tested academic and industry studies, rather than the common myths of investing.