Alesco Advisors in San Francisco

As Principals with Alesco Advisors, Maya and Katharine co-lead our presence in San Francisco. They provide advisory and consulting services to institutional clients such as corporate retirement plans, non-profits, including foundations and endowments and government pensions on their asset allocation, investment selection and monitoring and spending policy needs. They also work closely with individuals to customize their wealth management and asset allocation needs including cash flow analysis, retirement planning and other goals-based financial planning.

Katharine and Maya focus on empowering women and men to increase their financial acumen and economic potential through education programs, webinars and content distribution aimed at clients in bite-sized chunks.

How Can Alesco Advisors in San Francisco Help You?

Our investment philosophy is straightforward. We believe our clients are best served when the focus of their investment portfolio is on asset allocation, broad diversification and expense control. Our process works to maximize the return/risk tradeoff of investing.

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Alesco specializes in providing asset-class-based consulting and discretionary investment management services. We are particularly strong in investment policy development, risk control, client education, investing as a fiduciary, and understanding the complexities and biases of the investment industry.

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San Francisco News and Announcements

A More Robust Nonprofit in 3 Steps

For the full Gentry article, please download the PDF with the link provided.

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Protecting Your Interest: Know What Questions to Ask Your Investment Manager

San Francisco's GENTRY magazine asked Katharine Earhart and Maya Tussing of Alesco Advisors an independent investment advisory firm with offices in San Francisco and Upstate New York, what steps to take to determine whether your portfolio is on track for long-term performance. They suggest asking three key questions of your investment advisors...

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